Bábovky (Sweethearts)

Producer: Petr Erben, Logline Production Director: Rudolf Havlík Writers: Rudolf Havlík, Radka Třeštíková Cinematographer: Václav Tlapák Edit: Boris Machtytka Technical Specifications: Camera: ARRI ALEXA XT, ARRI ALEXA MINI Lenses: Panavision Primo Lenses Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Six women, six destinies connected…

APEMEN Episode 01

I deliver you this tale of early man as your daily dose of anthropology. And I deliver you this candle for your bathroom as your daily dose of Anthrolpologie. It’s in the mail!

Triton Vision

A compilation of short videos created by Amanda Cat. In order of appearance: 1. Culture Of Attention (0:14) A glimpse into the eccentric and outlandish behaviors of people who strive for online attention. 2. Axiomatic Portraits (3:16) Based on Eve…