Burning Man Entangled Entities

Burning Man is an annual event in the western United States at Black Rock City – a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, approximately 100 miles north-northeast of Reno. ART – motivational Filmed by: Andonis…

Burning Man Entangled Entities



Burning Man is an annual event in the western United States at Black Rock City – a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, approximately 100 miles north-northeast of Reno.

ART – motivational

Filmed by: Andonis Apollon Bakopoulos
Music and sound design by: fabrikamusic.gr

Delicia Glam
Sae Bluff

Context :

Burning man is the place I found out, how much power I had.
Really all I can do is spread, spread wings as far as I can.
I met some incredible people here, that are now friends for life. Just that is wonderful.
Is the time for me to release and express who I am.
This is the only place where I can actually free my mind and calm down and get dusty, it’s over here at burning man.
This place lets you be kids again and lets you get into the moment.
How much love and good vibes are going on here. The atmosphere the people, its all about giving and sharing.
They put like a big sign at the dessert called magic… its what’s going on here. It’s Magic.
Cause its inside of everyone, everyone chose to be here.
No one can put it in words what happens to your heart as soon as you go in the playa.
Om my gosh! Incredible! Indescribable.
It’s out this world.
I can express my self here and nobody cares and I feel like home. It is home.
A lot of the people who come here are killing it in art. Leaving their dream in art, who are not just following.. ok this is just what I have to do… They are taking a different path, creating their path and they have support and inspiration from all of this. That was really mind-blowing for me.
You learn to respect the whole concept of taking out what you bring in. Leave no trace.
For the people who bring that feeling back home, that magic just stays with them and it’s so palpable and they share it.
If more people came here perhaps, It’ ll be a better place.
Its a beautifully spiritual adult fun place, where it’s ok to act out your human nature in a good positive way.
Being open to being challenged and gifted and accepted.
Anything is possible at burning man. Meeting a stranger at exodus sign.
Know that it’s possible to feel good about who you are and what you doing.
You have to embrace it and being open to a new friendship.
Complementing strangers on the streets, We do it here and I still do it back in New York.
It does help when you are in a place like this where it’s you know… a big adult playground.
You just shut up your head and just concentrate on this one thing.
The only way to experience burning man is to feel it!!
…and that’s LOVE.
Dancing, connecting, exploring, laughing. Letting go of everything.
This is just a place to celebrate life for me.
It changes how you look at every part of your life.
I feel very inspired for dance and movement.
I want to be snarky and say don’t come but that’s unfair.
You must come and come soon cause it changes like everything is changing. The soul and the heart is always staying the same but you don’t want to wait too long.
This is the best place anyone could get married. I got surprised with the proposal of the dress, even rings. I’ve been planned for 6 months. I was the only one who had no fucking idea.
Come now. It’s a beautiful thing.
It carries over for a long period of time after this. Positive energy working good.
After burning man, I started doing freelance dance work…
If you can last those 9 or 10 days you know that you can last through almost anything.
…Just taking that jump, I had the courage to do that.
Somebody start screaming that they had otter pops, frozen treats you have as a kid. So I run up and I got a blue otter pop. Starting walking away and this little girl starting walking over and they were out and she starts having her own little meltdown. I went over to her and I gave her half and something so little as sharing something that was gifted to me made both of us happy.
I came here as a man and now look at me. See? This is what burning man does.
I feel recharged ready to bring all this artistic energy into the outside world.
The happiness that I have found for my self, I want to share that with them.
I think that’s what burning man is about sharing the lessons.
The sunset and sunrise hours are particularly magical and they just have that special energy.
Everyone should try it once because it will change the perspective you have on everything.
A time you just fucking crash life and just be my fucking self. BITCH!!

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