Anthem of SFR Bosnia and Herzegovina (Obećavamo našu lojalnost Bosni!)

My New discord server idea alternate history of Bosnia! History ⬇️  1988 Ante Marković Who was elected leader of the Yugoslav Republic of Bosnia. Ante Marković was trying to keep Yugoslavia together but the Serbian and Croatian governments kept…

My New discord server idea alternate history of Bosnia!

History ⬇️
 1988 Ante Marković Who was elected leader of the Yugoslav Republic of Bosnia.
Ante Marković was trying to keep Yugoslavia together but the Serbian and Croatian governments kept fighting but in 1991 Croatia declare independence and a Civil War broke out Ante Marković tried to keep peace within Bosnia, and some commanders of Yugoslavia’s army came to talk about how they can overthrow the government in Belgrade and restore Yugoslavia but Alija Izetbegović and his islamic militia try to storm the capital of Sarajevo but Marković’s supporters came to save him and chased away the militia
Marković called Belgrade and asked to send the Yugoslav army to crush Alija’s men, but the leader of a Serbian militia in Bosnia got the military weapons for them selfs in 1992 Alija held illegal elections to succeed and by rigging the vote he declared himself President of the Bosniak republic and with his militia took major cities and succeeded from Yugoslavia. Marković and his supporters and members of the Yugoslav communist party decided to go with him to his hometown of Konjic where they would hold up and wait for other support. Nothing came but Marković’s men would hide in the forest and in the mountains using Yugoslav artillery guns they would rain hell down on both sides and they would go to villages that haven’t been conquered yet to recruit Croatians, Serbs and Bosniaks a like. But 1993 Konjic was surrounded by Serbian Croats and Bosniak armies which started fighting around the city all three of them tried to attack the town but Konjic artillery guns push them back and they would hold out until all three of the Armys pulled out in 1994. The peace treaty was settled in the beginning of 1995, But Marković with support from Libya and Belarus and Iraq and China declared war on the Republic of Bosnia and Marković and his supporters rushed throughout all of Bosnia capturing town after town and important buildings as well as arresting war criminals and recruiting members of the Serbian Croatian and Bosniak militias to join them and before the beginning of December Sarajevo was surrounded Marković got on top of a tank and told Alija that it was all over but Alija wouldn’t except it so Marković ordered the tank to ram in through the front of the building and a gruesome battle took place in the parliament building and on the streets the parliament building was re-captured but Alija escaped into Croatia Thanks to the United Nations and by beginning of New Year’s 1996 Ante Marković declared The creation of The socialist federative Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, A socialist Federation that operate just like old Yugoslavia they would not join Yugoslavia because it was corrupted by the nationalism of Serbia, though there was a lot of war and genocide, Marković decided to delete wartime memories and install propaganda that the capitalist of the west ripped apart Yugoslavia and that it was the people of Bosnia who must continue Tito’s Mission of brotherhood in unity! Throughout the 90s most of Europe didn’t recognize the new Bosnian government but Marković decided to embrace this isolation and make Bosnia self-sufficient with his allies in China Libya and Iraq and Belarus it would grow. the new republic was split into three smaller autonomous republics for Serbians, Croatians and Bosniaks. The Borders were vaguely drawn on ethnic lines to make it impossible to leave eventually that brotherhood and unity and trust between ethnicities would come back because of the distrust of the outside world, Marković was loved by his people for reuniting the Bosnian country though he was Christian Muslims and Catholics and orthodox all loved him equally for a liberating them against the capitalist forces in 1999 Alija Izetbegović died in Croatia and the European Union and the United Nations officially recognized Ante Marković’s New Bosnian government though the relationship with Serbia Croatia were not that good he always tried to promote brotherhood and unity between the three countries and by offering amnesty to those soldiers who fought on the sides of their militia’s and by arresting war criminals he was able to gain popularity and he made Bosnia greater place. A place where ethnicity doesn’t matter a place where brotherhood and unity will reign supreme and Europe’s last Yugoslav Socialist Republic.

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